Centennial Middle School

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We are happy to welcome our CMS Falcons back fulltime every day!

Staff Directory



Title    Last Name    First Name    eMail
Principal    Woolworth    Karen    eMail
Vice Principal    Hoard    Tyrone    eMail
Dean of Students   Wright   Heather   eMail
Head Secretary   Ableman   April   eMail
Secretary   LeBret   Cathy   eMail
Attendance    Pecht   PJ   eMail
Registrar   Sears   Nikki   eMail
Nurse   Busby   Heidi   eMail


Last Name    First Name    Title    eMail    Website
Agan   Melissa   Librarian/Media Teacher   eMail   website
Bawden   Meagan   English & AVID Teacher   eMail    
Beck   Alan   Social Studies & PE Teacher   eMail    
Bible   Dan   Science & Math Teacher   eMail    
Bosch   Kyle   Band Teacher   eMail    
Bradley   Sean   Science CTE Teacher   eMail    
Feeser   John   Social Studies Teacher   eMail    
Greule   Ashleigh   Math Teacher   eMail   website
Griffiths   Samantha   English & AVID Teacher   eMail    
Harshberger   Stacy   Social Studies Teacher   eMail    
Hickman   Bree   Special Education Teacher   eMail    
Hickman   Brian   Technology & Robotics Teacher   eMail    
Holden   Ayako   School Psychologist   eMail    
Holliday   Ashley   English & PACE Teacher   eMail    
Hrycenko   Richard   English Teacher   eMail    
Kercher   John   English & Social Studies Teacher   eMail    
Lapke   Cristine   Science CTE & AVID Teacher   eMail   website
Lawler   Maxine   Guidance Counselor   eMail    
Luiten   Timothy   Life Skills Teacher   eMail    
Lynch   Laryssa   ELL Teacher   eMail    
Marlow   Kellie   English & Social Studies Teacher   eMail    
Marshall   Teandra   Special Education Teacher   eMail    
Mitchell   Barbara   Math & ELA Support Teacher   eMail    
O'Neal   Don   PE Teacher   eMail    
Patchin   Dorothy   Art Teacher   eMail    
Pettersen   Taylor   Science Teacher   eMail    
Rogers   Tammy   Guidance Counselor   eMail    
Sather   Josh   Math Teacher   eMail    
Schultz   David   Social Studies Teacher   eMail    
Shacklett   Kelsey   PE Teacher   eMail    
Smith   Ozzie   Math Teacher   eMail    
Stoyko   Ryan   Math & PE Teacher   eMail    
Taylor   Jeremiah   Science Teacher   eMail    
Teegarden   Carla   Exploratory Teacher   eMail    
Thomas   Maurice   BI Teacher    eMail    
Vaccarezza   Christine   English & Social Studies Teacher   eMail    
Vaughn   Brian   Choir & Strings Teacher   eMail    
Witte   Laura   Speech Therapist   eMail    
Wortmann   Brandi   Math Teacher   eMail    
Last Name First Name Title
Boyd Celeste Classroom Paraeducator
Davaz Melissa Classroom Paraeducator
Diaz Lisa BI Room Paraeducator
Farnham Lori Life Skills Room Paraeducator
Lacroix Jeannette Classroom Paraeducator
Lee Travis BI Room Paraeducator
Puzankova Vera ELL Paraeducator
Last Name First Name Title
Boyer Kirsten Food Service Assistant
Hansen Amanda Food Service Assistant
Heuett Jessica Food Service Assistant
Miller Sabrena Kitchen Manager
Weston Heidi Food Service Assistant
Last Name First Name Title
Cao Young Night Custodian
Jeffries John Head Custodian
Sebert Don Night Custodian