Web 2.0 Tools

Animatron: Create a free account and try it out!
EZimba     Use this site to edit images and create GIFs.
GoAnimate  Visit the library to get an account if you'd like to try creating your own animations!
GIFMaker    Create your own GIFs with this online tool. Great for creating animations of your MS Paint drawings or other images.
Pencil 2D: Free open source software you can use to draw your own animations. Download a copy for MAC,  Windows or Linux operating systems.
Image and Sound Libraries:
Pexels (Free stock photos)
Image Editing:
befunky Online tool for editing images. No sign-up required!
Big Huge Labs Online tool for creating collages, trading cards, puzzles, magazine covers and more! No sign-up required.
Issuu Site that allows you to upload your own documents and make an online magazine.
Madmagz Create your own full color magazine which can be downloaded or shared online.
QR Code Generators:
QR Stuff.com Allows you to create free permanent QR codes. No purchase necessary!
Stop Motion: 
Video Editing:
Animoto Create your own videos by combining images, sounds and video clips.
Windows Movie Maker Download for free and use on your PC. Moviemaker can be used to edit videos and animations.
Google Sites Use your free Google account to create a website.
For more information about creating with technology, visit the following sites: