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Eligibility & Responsibility

  • Eligibility: Athletes MUST have 8 practices (12 for Football) prior to contest participation.
  • Attendance: Athletes MUST be in attendance ALL day to attend practice or compete. **Only doctor or dentist notes will be accepted as excused for partial day absences.


To comply with all Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) and Centennial Middle School eligibility requirements, including the following, participants must:

* Be under 15 years of age for middle school prior to the beginning of the activity season.
* Reside in West Valley School District, or have completed the process for out-of-district transfer. * Pass a physical examination (if required) and yearly update.

  • Possess a Centennial Middle School A.S.B. Card.

  • Attend all regularly scheduled classes or have principal/designee permission to participate in any activities.

  • Maintain passing grades (no F’s) in all classes in which they are enrolled. This policy is intended to exceed, not replace, the WIAA Policy. The opportunity for an **Academic Improvement Plan will be provided for students failing one or more classes.

    * Abstain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, nicotine products and delivery devices, or illegal drugs at any time during an activity season. Failure to do so will result in an immediate minimum 10 school day suspension from the activity. Additionally, WIAA policy will be followed for controlled substances and legend drugs.

    * Five consecutive days of missed practices results in ineligibility and practice requirements start over. * Athletes MUST be in attendance ALL day during the school day in order to attend practices or games

  • Not have been suspended (either full day of ISS or OSS) {this includes practices & contests}

  • Take reasonable care of all school uniforms and equipment.

  • Return all previously issued uniforms and equipment and pay all fines prior to participation.

  • These standards are minimums and must be followed. Any coach or activity advisor may establish stricter standards provided the students are notified and informed at the beginning of the season. These revised standards must be approved by the Athletic Director.

Coach’s  Responsibilities


                    1.   Develop character · 

                 Demand that all players are at all scheduled events and on time

       Demand that all players give their best at all times

      Teach players to communicate positively with peers coaches and parents

      Develop pride in their appearance as a person and a player

      Develop a “winning attitude”

                   2.    Put the best team on the field

   3.       Develop what is best for the program

   4.   Communicate with players

   5.   Communicate with parents when needed and at the appropriate time

   6.   Respect players/be there for players

   7.     Teach proper fundamentals

   8.   Teach an understanding of how to learn from the game

   9.   Teach players to set realistic goals - Short and long term - Individual and team


                             Parent Responsibilities


  1. Support your young adults in a positive way. Love them. Value them as a person!
  2. Support the program in a positive way

    3.     Communicate with players and coaches – at the appropriate time and place. Never before, 

          during or right after a game or practice. Schedule an appointment with the coach

    4.  Stay out of dugouts, bench area, field, court, mats or practice area during games,

         Practice or team meetings                      

                 5.  Allow players to complete all tasks before expecting them to leave the event
                 6.  Support the coaching staff


Player Responsibilities


  1.  Be at all scheduled events on time and until they are released
  2.  Follow all safety guidelines
  3.   Respect all coaches, umpires, players, equipment and facilities
  4. Work as hard as they can all the time
  5. Be the best student they can be
  6. No horseplay during “Sports time”, we will have fun working hard and winning
  7. Use appropriate language
  8.  Follow directions and rules of the program
  9. Take pride in our facilities and equipment
  10. During games, stay on bench/sidelines unless permission has been given by the coach
  11. Commit to improving everyday as a person and a player
  12.  Be enthusiastic and have a “Winner’s Attitude”