Centennial Middle School

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Falcon Athletics

ALL Athletics and Activities have been cancelled or postponed at this time!!

Falcon Athletics Responsibilities







I.                    Develop character

·         Demand that all players are at all scheduled events and on time

·         Demand that all players give their best at all times

·         Teach players to communicate positively with peers coaches and parents

·         Develop pride in their appearance as a person and a player

·         Develop a “winning attitude”

II.                 Put the best team on the field

III.              Develop what is best for the program

IV.              Communicate with players

V.                Communicate with parents when needed and at the appropriate time

VI.              Respect players/be there for players

VII.           Teach proper fundamentals

VIII.        Teach an understanding of how to learn from the game

IX.              Teach players to set realistic goals

·         Short and long term

·         Individual and team



I.                    Support your young adults in a positive way. Love them. Value them as a person!

II.                 Support the program in a positive way

III.              Communicate with players and coaches – at the appropriate time and place. Never before, during or right after a game or practice. Schedule an appointment with the coach

IV.              Stay out of dugouts, bench area, field or practice area during games, practices or team meetings

V.                Allow players to complete all tasks before expecting them to leave the event

VI.              Support the coaching staff

VII.           If you need to communicate with the coaching staff, do so at the appropriate time and appropriate channels i.e. never during a practice or game. Right before or after a game or practice. You must contact the coach and make an appointment or send an email.





I.                    Be at all scheduled events on time and until they are released

II.                 Follow all safety guidelines

III.              Respect all coaches, Officials, players, equipment and facilities

IV.              Work as hard as they can all the time

V.                Be the best student they can be

VI.              No horseplay during “athletic time”, we will have fun working hard and improving

VII.           Use appropriate language

VIII.        Follow directions and rules of the program

IX.              Take pride in our facility and equipment

X.                During games, stay on bench unless permission has been given by the coach

XI.              Commit to improving everyday as a person and a player

XII.           Be enthusiastic and have a “Winner’s Attitude”




Sports practices will be from 3-5 everyday after school unless otherwise notified!

Sports activity bus available all year (excluding Friday).
Athletes must arrange transportation from sports activities on all Fridays.
All participants (including managers) MUST have current physical* and sport packet complete and submitted to the office BEFORE turning out for their sport! Fines and fees must also be paid in full to become eligible to participate and travel. See Athletic Participation Fees for a detailed list of fees.
*Physicals are valid for TWO YEARS from the date of physical.