Falcon Athletics

**Schedules are subject to change
Spring sports begin April 8th
Coach Responsibilities
I. Develop Character
  • Expect that all team members are at all scheduled events and on time.
  • Expect that all team members give their best effort at all times
  • Teach and expect players to communicate positively with peers, coaches and parents.
  • Develop a "Winning Attitude"
II. Hold players accountable.
III. Develop what is best for the program.
IV. Communicate with players.
V. Be available to communicate with parents if needed.
VI. Respect players and be there for them
VII. Teach proper fundamentals of their sport.
VIII. Teach an understanding of how to learn life lessons from the activity.
IX. Teach players to set realistic goals
Parent Responsibilities
I. Support your young adult in a positive way, value them as a person.
II. Support the program in a positive way
III. Communicate with your child.
IV. Communicate with coaches when necessary - after player has communicated with coach first. Must contact coach and make an appointment.
V. Stay out of bench area, play area, practices and team meetings.
VI. Allow players to complete all tasks before expecting them to leave.
VII. Support the coaching staff.
VIII. Respect officials
IX. Follow school rules and guidelines
Player Responsibilities
I. Be at all scheduled events on time and until they are released
II. Follow all safety guidelines
III. Respect all coaches, officials, equipment and facilities
IV. Always give your best effort
V. Use appropriate language
VI. Follow staff instructions and school rules.
VII. Stay in the bench area/sidelines during events unless permission is given by the coach.
VIII. Commit to improving everyday as a person and player
IX. Be positive and have a "Winner's Attitude"
All 2023-2024 CMS sports will open for registration on August 1st! 
Tentative begin and end dates
SPORT WIAA REQUIRED PRACTICE First day of Practice # of Practices Prior to 1st Contest First Contest Date Last Contest Date
Football, 7th- 8th 12 Thur. Aug.31   Mon. Sept. Wed.Oct. 18
Cross Country 8 Weds. Sept 6   Tues. Sept Tues. Oct.17
Softball 8 Weds. Sept. 6   Tues. Sept Wed.Oct. 18
Volleyball 8 Thur. Oct . 19   Thur. Nov Thur. Dec. 7
Wrestling 8 Thur. Oct . 19   Thur. Nov Thur. Dec. 7
Basketball, Boys 8 Weds. Jan. 3   Wed. Jan Tues. Feb. 13
Basketball, Girls 8 Wed. Feb. 14   Thur. Mar Thurs, Mar 28
Baseball 8 Mon. Apr. 8   Tues. Apr Tues. May 21
Tennis 8 Mon. Apr. 8   Tues. Apr Tues. May 21
Track 8 Mon. Apr. 8   Thur. Apr Tues. May 21


Clicking the link above will direct you to InTouch. From there you will log in with your Skyward credentials to complete the necessary forms and make payments. Skyward is not case sensitive for passwords, but InTouch is case sensitive.

Be sure to print out the form above and take to your appointment. Doctors will complete and sign. Forms must be uploaded during online registration or be returned to Centennial Middle School to be eligible for athletic participation.


Please make note of the following items:

  • CMS fall sports include 7/8 Girls softball, 7/8 football and 6-8 Boys and Girls XC
  • Practices begin on the October 20th and will be held Monday to Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. Practices may vary due to circumstances, and coaches will alert players if that is the case. No buses will be provided on Fridays
  • All participants (including managers) MUST have current physical (valid from two years of date) and sports registration complete and submitted to the office BEFORE coming to practice.
  • Game schedules are on the school calendar and will be updated in real time
  • Fines and fees must also be paid in full in order to be eligible for participation and travel.