Rights & Responsibilities










In order for students to be successful at Centennial Middle School, they must be regular and punctual in their attendance.  It is extremely important that students attend school daily and report to class on time!



Washington State Law requires any student absent from school to bring a written excuse that is signed by a parent or guardian.  The parent or guardian has 48 hours to excuse the absence.  Parents may call our office beginning at 7:00 am if their child will be absent that day.  (509-922-5482)



When the absenteeism rate reaches 15% or more, the school may request a physician’s excuse for excessive absences.



A student will be excused from school attendance if he/she is physically unable to attend school.  Prior notification may be made through the office for anticipated absences (family trips, etc.)  For each day absent, the student will have one (1) day to make up the missing assignments plus (1) extra day!



Students who have five (5) or more unexcused absences in one month, or seven (7) or more in one year, will be referred to the District Truancy Board for intervention.  A total of six (6) unexcused periods equals one (1) unexcused day of unexcused absence.  If the student’s attendance fails to improve, the student will be referred to Juvenile Court for disposition.  Teachers need not accept makeup work resulting from unexcused absences.



Attendance at Centennial Middle School is for the purpose of obtaining an education.  Tardies interrupt classes and are generally disruptive.  They affect grades and establish bad habits.  A student is counted tardy if he/she is not in his/her designated place, with the appropriate class materials, when the bell rings.  Excused tardies are accepted only when accompanied by a written note from the office for one of the reasons listed.  Tardiness due to traffic is not an excused tardy.                                


Excused tardies are as follows:

-Personal illness
-Medical appointment as verified by parent or with a physician/designee note
-Religious holiday
-Miscellaneous causes of an emergency nature approved by the Principal or designee


All students are required to report to class on time.  Three minutes are allowed for passing between classes.  Students can only access their lockers before school, before and after lunch, and after school.  It is not necessary for students to go to their locker between every class.  When a student is detained by a staff member, the student will be issued a tardy pass or the receiving teacher will be notified.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to clear a student that was detained by them.


The tardy policy for Centennial Middle School is as follows:  Students may have a maximum of FOUR tardies in a nine week period.  For any tardies above four in a nine week period, the student will receive the following CONSEQUENCES:


-5 tardies – parents will be notified and lunch detention will be assigned
-7 tardies – parents notified and 40 minute after school detention will be assigned
-10 tardies – two hour after school detention assigned and a conference with the parents



A student who is absent from school or class without the knowledge and consent of the parent(s) and school authorities is truant.  Truancy is a very serious matter and will result in immediate disciplinary action.  Students are considered truant when they are 10 or more minutes late to class unexcused.  Teachers need not accept makeup work for assignments missed during truancy. 






CONFERENCES: (Student Led Parent/Teacher)

Fall Conferences will be held Early October

Spring Conferences will be held Early March



May be accessed any time through Skyward by following the steps listed below:

-Obtain login and password from CMS office
-Log onto wvsd.org
-Select Centennial Middle School
-Under Student and Parent Resources, Select  Skyward Access
-Enter login and password



You must have a 3.2 GPA to be on the Honor Roll.  In order to further validate the Honor Roll, Centennial teachers have established the following percentages:

                A             90 – 100                D      60 - 69

                B             80 – 89                  F      Below 60

                C             70 – 79



All requests for schedule changes must be communicated in writing within the first two weeks of school with the specific needs of the student.  Schedule changes will be evaluated during this time period.  Changes will be made only if found to be in the best interest of the student and is also dependent on the class capacity.  After the two week window, changes will be referred to the Child Study Team.  All 7th and 8th graders are required to take three semesters of Exploratory classes.



Teachers are available for parent and student access before school from 7:45 to 8:15 am or after school from 2:45 until 3:15 pm and during their planning periods by appointment.  On a collaboration (late start) day, teachers will be available from 9:15 to 9:45 am for student access time.  Parents may contact a teacher by both calling the school and leaving a message on their voice mail, or by sending them an e-mail. 



VIP Cards are awarded quarterly to any student who has a 4.0 GPA, no discipline referrals and no tardies during the previous quarter.  Some of the privileges VIP card holders receive are to go to lunch three minutes early on Fridays, use their VIP pass as a classroom pass, get early entry to the building at 8:05 am, get a daily homework assignment excused one time, get out of sixth period three minutes early one time, eat lunch in the library once, choose Flex Core activities first, one free locker pass, free Hat Day on Friday’s and they get a treat from the office on Monday’s!  VIP cards can be taken away if misused, or the student gets a discipline referral.





Each spring ASB (Associated Student Body) Officers are elected for the following school year.  The offices are held for the entire school year.  Candidates must maintain a GPA of


2.5 or better for the whole school year.  ASB Officers may be removed from office or put on probation due to disciplinary actions.



Our KCMS News and Makerspace programs are both housed in the Media Center.  Students in all three grades may volunteer to participate during Advisory time or as an assistant during their exploratory period.  The group produces one news program per week and works to complete Makerspace jobs and activities, including our 3-D printing service.  Applications may be obtained in the Media Center or on the school website.  Contact Ms. Agan for more information.



In the spring quarter, 6th and 7th graders are invited to membership in the CMS NJHS chapter.


-Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and currently be on the Honor Roll to be considered for membership.
-Students must exhibit qualities in leadership, citizenship, character, and service.



Technology Student Association after school club involving Robotics, Technology, Bio-Med and Leadership.  Students in grades 6-8 pay annual dues to be in the club.



“Where Everybody Belongs” is an 8th grade Mentor program where they team up with 6th graders to help them adjust to middle school! 




Interscholastic sports are available for 7th & 8th graders only. In order to be involved in after school sports, you must:

-Meet eligibility requirements
-Purchase an ASB card (currently $20 per year)
-Transportation Fee of $10 per sport
-Have a current physical exam on file
-Maintain consistent school attendance
-Complete Student Interscholastic Eligibility Packet



-For fall sports, there will be a grade check 2 weeks from the start of school (grade checks are on Fridays.) From that point on, grade checks will occur every two weeks for the remainder of each sport.
-Any athlete failing a class, will receive an ineligibility form from our Athletic Director on Friday. There will be a separate form for each class the athlete is receiving an “F” or No Credit in.
-When ineligible, athletes may participate in practice but not in any competitive games.
-It is the athlete’s responsibility to communicate with their teacher and do what is needed to bring their grade up to passing.
-Once the athlete is passing the class, the student is responsible to have the teacher sign off on the ineligibility form and get the form to the Athletic Director. Our Athletic -Director will then notify the athlete’s coach and they will be eligible to play.
-We offer after school Study Table to ineligible athletes from 2:50 – 3:25 pm daily. Athletes can get extra help from our Study Table teacher.
-Coaches may assign athletes to Study Table, at their discretion, prior to practice.  
-Clearance for eligibility must be received by the Athletic Director no later than 2:00 pm on game day.
-Ineligible athletes will NOT attend games.



-Must attend school at least a half of a day in order to attend practice or a game.
-Must maintain good attendance (including absences and tardies) in order to play sports.
-If in ISS for the day, you may not attend practice or a game. You must go home right after school.






Each student will be provided with a Centennial Middle School Agenda Book at the beginning of the school year or upon registration.  Students are encouraged to maintain their Centennial Agenda Book with current assignments.  Advisory teachers will be making periodic checks of Agenda Books to be sure they are filled out and being used properly.  The replacement cost for a lost or damaged Agenda Book is $5.00. 



Students are not allowed to bring book bags, back packs or sports bags to class.  Students may carry larger personal items to school in back packs or book bags but they need to remain in their school locker during the day.



Students may enter the school building at 8:00 am by the north entrance.  Students are expected to leave the school building and grounds within 10 minutes of the end of the school day (2:55 pm) UNLESS they are participating in or attending a school sponsored activity or athletic event.  Students will NOT have access to their lockers after practices or games. 



In order to ensure security, bicycles must be locked and stored in the bike racks provided by the main entrance of the building.  Skateboards and scooters must be stored in the student’s locker or the main office during school hours.  Students may NOT ride scooters, skateboards or bicycles on school grounds or in the building.



The following West Valley School District Bus Rules have been established for your safety:


-Do not distract the driver
-Be on your best behavior
-Use appropriate language and inside voices
-No eating or drinking while on the bus
-Stay in your seat and keep the aisle clear
-Be kind to others
-Keep hands and head inside the bus
-No tobacco, vaping or other controlled substances or paraphernalia
-Do not destroy property



Penalty is at the discretion of the Transportation Director and/or the Principal depending 0n the circumstances.  It may include suspension from bus riding privileges for 3 to 30 days or even permanent removal from riding the bus.  Serious

misbehavior on the bus may also be cause for punishment up to and including suspension or expulsion from school.



Students attending Centennial Middle School shall remain inside designated school boundaries during school hours.  No student may leave campus after arriving at school, during the school day, or during lunch.  Students who fail to check out will be subject to disciplinary action.  If a student has written or telephoned permission to leave, the Attendance Office must be informed prior to leaving.  Students violating this regulation will be referred to an Administrator for discipline.



The CMS staff believes that our dress code standards must encourage respect, character, and reasonable levels of modesty in our school environment.  We realize that some clothing acceptable outside the school setting may not be considered suitable for the school day and should not be worn to school.  Student clothing should not unreasonably infringe on the rights of others.  Students are expected to wear clothing which is suitable for school and promotes respectable relationships.



-Hats and hoods may not be worn in the building with the exception of Friday Hat Days. Donate $1 to an ASB sponsored charity on Friday's to wear a hat. 
-NO spaghetti straps, tube tops, bare midriffs. Undergarments must be covered.
-Shirts MUST completely cover stomach and all undergarments.
-Shorts or pants must be worn at waist. Undergarments must be covered.
-Shorts, skirts and dresses must be as long as the knuckles when arms are straightened with a tight fist. Rips and tears must be below the knuckle mark also.
-Wear safe shoes appropriate to activity.


Must not present a safety hazard to self or others. Wallet chains are not allowed. 
Must not include any defamatory or derogatory writing, obscene language or symbols, or drug, sex, alcohol or gang related symbols or writing.
No hats or any other head apparel may be worn inside the school building unless for pre-approved religious, medical or safety reasons. This applies to both males and females.  The exception is when we have an ASB Hat Day where staff and students donate $1 to a local charity in order to wear a hat. 
Coats must be kept in your locker throughout the day.



Any clothing that communicates the promotion of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, violence, profanity, or that is disparaging to gender, ethnicity, religion, or that has a sexual connotation is NOT acceptable school attire.
No displaying anything that is otherwise illegal to possess at school.



-If students are found to be in violation of any of the aforementioned standards, Counselors or

 -Administration will ask them to change into appropriate clothing or parents will be called to bring an appropriate change of clothing to school for their child.


Students are to have electronic devices off and put away upon entering the building. This includes earbuds and headphones.Electronic devices may be used during lunch both inside and outside. If items are being misused or disruptive to the educational process, students may be asked to surrender them to staff or Administration.  The first time an electronic device is taken away for misuse or disruption, the student may pick it up at the end of the school day in the main office by signing for it. Anytime the electronic device is taken away again, after the first time, a parent/guardian will be required to come to the main office, sign for it and pick it up for the student.



It is each individual student’s responsibility to keep the Centennial campus clean.

Students are only allowed to eat or drink in areas designated as lunch areas.
Students are expected to throw their trash away in appropriate containers.
No open food or beverages are to be brought into classrooms, the library, gyms or hallways.



When leaving a room, students are required to sign out and must be carrying a staff issued pass with them at all times.




Feet and hands to self

Appropriate noise level

Listen to directives


On Time

No running

Stay on the right



Our library is a happy, busy space that strives to provide all students with the appropriate resources, tools and skills to create, consume and publish information.  All students are welcome and encouraged to visit before/after school, during lunches and during class time.  Passes are available in the commons area.  We are open throughout the year from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.  After school programs are also offered periodically during the school year.



Students must have an approved pass to enter and use the library.
Our catalog may be accessed through our school website. Students are encouraged to use the catalog to manage checkouts, place holds, create reading lists and request new items. 
Students may check out up to four items for a 4 week period. Items may be renewed online or in person.
Students are responsible for treating books and materials with care. This includes returning materials on time.  Students are charged for damaged and unreturned items.
The library is available during most lunch periods for study, checking out materials, playing games, and creating projects using our Makerspace resources.
Each student may submit 1 object to be printed on the 3-D printer. Files may be submitted online via the Library Media Center website.  Objects may take 2-4 weeks to print. Specific parameters regarding 3-D printing can be found on our website. 

FINES:  Fines for lost or damaged textbooks and library books, fees for damaged chrome books, class fees (music, art, and home ec), lost uniforms, etc. are assessed at the end of the school year or upon student withdrawal from CMS.  All fines and fees must be paid in full before receiving your yearbook or attending any end-of-the-year class trips.



Each student will be assigned a locker on their first day of school.  Some sixth grade students may have to share a locker.  It is the student’s responsibility to keep their locker combination confidential.  Students must use only the locker assigned to them. Any changes of combinations or locker partners must be requested through the office.  Students should notify the office of any locker problems right away so they can be fixed.



We have a designated lost and found area in the main office.  Students and parents are encouraged to check often for any missing items because items are periodically donated to a charity when left unclaimed.



Students at school sponsored events will be governed by school and district rules and regulations as if the event were at the school, and are subject to the authority of the school district officials.  School sponsored events are held for the education and enjoyment of students, staff, parents, and the community.  Students are expected to extend every courtesy as an audience and to maintain a high standard of conduct.  School rules, school district policies, and authority apply at all times on any school district property, and district-owned and operated or chartered vehicles, during any school or district-sponsored activity, at school bus stops, and away from school grounds if negative behavior would directly affect the good order, efficiency, management, and/or welfare of the school.



It is unlawful for a person under eighteen years old, unless the person is at least fourteen years old and has the permission of a parent or guardian, to purchase or possess a personal protection spray device.  Such device may only be used in a manner consistent with the authorized “use of force” statute, i.e. “Whenever used by a party about to be injured, or by another lawfully aiding him/her, in preventing or attempting to prevent an offense against his or her person, or a malicious trespass…the force is not more than is necessary.” (Board Policy P4210)  The West Valley School District agrees that persons may possess protection spray devices on school property for their protection as long as they meet the requirements of the law and have a valid permission slip on file at school.  This requires the student and parent to fill out the form (online or a hard copy) which states; “The undersigned has read the above statement and acknowledges the proper use of Personal Protection Spray Devices.  The undersigned further agrees that they will use such device only in a manner consistent with the law.”



Each student will be required to have the following supplies: 

1 ½ inch binder (just one)
6 plastic pocket dividers for binder
Lined paper (wide ruled or regular)
Pencil pouch for binder
Pencils and pens
Combination Lock for PE Locker

(A combo lock can also be purchased at CMS for $5.00 if need be.)


Other supplies may be required by individual teachers. Students need to be prepared for each class with textbooks and appropriate supplies.



All use of the school district’s network system must be in support of education and research and be consistent with the mission of the district.  The District reserves the right to prioritize use and access to the system.  The activities involving, but not limited to, any item below are not permitted: 

Obscene, violent/dangerous or pornographic materials;
Any illegal activity, including violation of copyright or other contracts;
Use for financial or commercial gain;
Degrading or disrupting equipment or system performance;
Vandalizing the data of another user;
Wastefully using finite resources;
Gaining unauthorized access to resources or entities;
Invading the privacy of individuals;
Using an account owned by another user;
Posting personal communications without the author’s consent; and,
Posting anonymous messages


Violations may result in a loss of access to computers as well as other disciplinary or legal action!



Each student enrolled in West Valley School District has stated and implied rights and responsibilities.  These are found in the “Student’s Rights and Responsibilities” pamphlet that will be issued to each student at the beginning of the school year.



It is recommended that students NOT keep large sums of money or expensive items in their lockers or on their person.  Such items may be kept in our office for safekeeping if it is absolutely necessary for them to bring them to school, otherwise please encourage them NOT to bring them to school at all.  The school is not responsible for replacement of lost, stolen or damaged items.



Students are responsible for the care of any issued textbook throughout the present school year and are advised to use book covers.  Fines will be assessed at the end of the school year for lost and/or damaged books and must be paid for before receiving their yearbook. 



All visitors must register in the office upon arrival and departure. An identification badge will be issued and must be worn through the entire visiting period.  Visitors must check out with the office prior to departure.  A visitor includes anyone not registered as a student or who is not an employee at Centennial Middle School.




Counselors are available by appointment to assist students.  They will arrange parent/teacher conferences as needed or requested by students, parents or teachers.



Breakfast is served each school morning from 8:00 am – 8:15 am.  Full price breakfast costs $1.60 or no cost to free/reduced qualifiers.  On collaboration, or late start, days breakfast is served at 9:25 am.  Free and reduced meal forms may be obtained in the main office and turned in anytime throughout the school year. 



Free and reduced lunch forms will be mailed home to all households over the summer.  A NEW free and reduced lunch must be filled out each year even if your student(s) have qualified in the past.  Forms are also available all year long in the CMS main office if at any time your circumstances change throughout the school year and you feel you may qualify for free or reduced lunch.  Reduced lunch cost is .40 cents.



Each student is provided with a 30 minute lunch break.  The menus of Café’ USA are prepared on site and offered each day.  All lunches, hot or cold, must be eaten in the Commons area only.  Free and reduced meal forms may be picked up in the office and turned in anytime throughout the school year.  Full price lunch is $3.15, and reduced price is .40 cents.



No charging for ala carte items are allowed (extra milk, entrée, chips).  Purchase of ala carte items with cash will not be allowed until meal account is in good standing. Households will receive several automated meal balance notifications via emailing and calling.  Households may customize Skyward notifications regarding their students’ meal account balances

to what they prefer.  All Food Service account negative balances are expected to be paid by the end of the school year.



ART FEE:                            $3.00 per class

AGENDA BOOK:              $5.00 (replacement fee)

ASB CARD:                        $20.00

(This fee is required for participation in sports and clubs.)


CHOIR T-SHIRT:             $10.00

CHROME BOOK REPAIRS:  Dependent on damage done.

HOME EC FEE:   $5.00 project fee


STRINGS T-SHIRT:        $10.00

PE COMBINATION LOCK:  You may purchase your own or one of ours for $5.00.  You must give your combination to the PE teacher for record keeping purposes.


PE SHIRT & SHORTS UNIFORM:            $15.00

PE T-SHIRT ALONE:                                      $5.00

PE SHORTS ALONE:                                      $10.00


PE Uniforms (shirts & shorts) can be purchased online from Momentum Ink at www.momentumink.com – click on the Centennial MS PE icon to start ordering.  Please select NO SHIPPING at checkout to avoid shipping charges.  Garments will be delivered to the school every Thursday beginning two weeks after school starts.  They are $15.00 for a t-shirt and shorts. If you do not have access to the internet to order them online, you may purchase a PE uniform in the CMS main office.



The principals are primarily responsible for maintaining safety and order at CMS as well as dealing with attendance, tardy and discipline issues.  Students are encouraged to seek their assistance whenever they feel it to be necessary to maintain a positive climate at school.



Some student activities, socials and field trips are contingent upon students’ behavior, discipline and attendance.  The school PBIS Committee sets the criteria for attending these events.